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Transport: Good connections by train to Interlaken West and Interlaken Ost train stations. Most places in Interlaken can be reached on foot. Check the train website for prices and times here:

Accomodation: Balmer’s Herberge: Cheapest accommodation in town includes breakfast and free bus pass. Big downside is how LOUD it is at night and how many young Americans are there to party.

Food: Going out to eat is very expensive in Switzerland. Figure about 15-20 CHF per person. Best idea is to go to COOP stores or Eurospar supermarkets to buy your food and cook if you have access to a kitchen.

Local specialties:

Rosti- Potatoes in shredded hash brown form. You can buy them in a can or prepackaged in bags.

Chocolate- Amazing array of delicious chocolate at the grocery store!


Alps hike: We took the Alpine train from Wilderswil up to Schynige Platte for 35.00 CHF per person. Beautiful views of Interlaken and the Alps. We hiked back town to Wilderswil and it was quite the hike, our calves were killer! I would suggest hiking down to Breitlaunen and getting the train back down from there. That way you can still get a good hike but not an exhaustive one.

Cornetto on top of Schynige Platte

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