Monday, May 9, 2011

The Netherlands


Transportation: If you plan on being here for more than 24 hours and will be using public transport, I highly suggest getting the “hour cards” from the VVV or GVB office. You have unlimited transport on Amsterdam trams, busses, metro, and ferry (not trains) for 24, 48, 72, and more hours depending on how long you will be in town. It is much easier to tap your card when entering the bus or tram than having to deal with money.


Foodism- (Near Dam square) Oude Leliestraat 8, this vegetarian café had amazingly fresh Panini and a chill atmosphere for about 5-6 euro. Nummy mozzarella and fresh goat cheese sandwiches.

Vegetarian supermarket: There is a natural food store in Waterlooplein (where the flea market is) that sells lots of vegetarian food and tofu and whole foods. Nice place to check out and not too expensive. There aren’t vegetarian foods readily available in Albert Heijn supermarkets (the major supermarket in Amsterdam)


Overveen: Stop over on the train to Zanvoort aan Zee from Amsterdam Centraal Sation (7,50 round trip) Beautfiful trails and gardens the south side of the tracks. We saw a 3 tipped deer when walking through the trails. The trails had wild strawberries which were small but delicious.

Dunes in Overveen

Edam: Town 30 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal on Arriva busses (7,50 round trip) We went on Wednesday where they have the cheese market (kaasmarkt) from 10:30-12:30 and people dress up like old kaas men and deliver the cheese in the square. We had the smoked goat cheese which was amazing with some honey cranberry mead we bought at Topper Supermarkt (Spui 7). All of the cheese is the same price everywhere in Edam so don’t be afraid to buy it directly at the cheese market. We then rented bikes from Ronald Schot (7,00 for half a day which started at 1 pm and ended at 6:00) Just enough time to ride by the farm fields and ocean side dikes and have a picnic.

Kaasmarkt in Edam


World cup semifinals: in which Netherlands VS Uruguay: Netherlands wins 3-2. We got to view this exciting game in Rembrandtplein, a square filled with sports pubs and a few coffeeshops. Every bar had TV’s outside on their terraces and it was all packed. After Netherlands won, everyone poured into the streets and danced and sang and cheered! It was epic!

World Cup 2010


Abraxas: 2 stories and nice environment with chill music. Downfall is lots of tourists since it is near Dam square which equals higher prices. Their brownies are amazing for 5,00.

Coffeeshop Carmona: In De Pijp area. Very chill with an Indian design and internet access. They have a store cat which is so cute. Prices are good, 5-10,00. Play an eclectic array of music.

Coffeeshop Sevilla: Near Rembrantplein medium in range of prices between the first 2 places I mentioned. Good Strawberry greens and outside seating.


Flevopark: This nature park was by our accommodation. It is big and has lots of trees and private ponds. It is also on a lake that you can go swimming in when it’s hot out. There is also the Flevoparkbad (public swimming pool) where you pay 2,70 per adult to go swimming in their heated outdoor pool. It was huge and very refreshing without too much chlorine. Open till 19:00 in the summer months when it gets above 25 degrees Celsius. Mandatory lockers for 0,50 which you get back when you return the key.



Waterlooplein Flea Market- This is the largest of the three markets I’ve been to in Amsterdam. Prices are a little touristy but not as bad as Albert Cuypstraat Market. You can find really random things here, and souvenirs as well.

Dappermarkt- This is a long market off of Dapperstraat, maybe even longer than Albert Cuypstraat. Prices here are the cheapest in town. You can find 1 euro sunglasses, jewelry, and clothes. There is also an array of stands selling some Dutch specialties.

Albert Cuypstraat: Some good deals on market items here although it is a bit touristy. Food stands and random tents selling random things. Deals here aren’t as good as Dappermarket however.

Amsterdam pets:

We saw a lady walking a dog and cat at the same time. Each had no leash on and it was late at night. This can be done people! The dog was a black lab and the cat was just a regular calico house cat. Pretty awesome!

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