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Luxembourg Palace and Gardens


Airbnb rental by Saint Mandé. This area is quite and local. Very nice area and safe and by the biggest park in paris. Also by the cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried.


The Paris metro can take you anywhere you need to go. Get a “Carnet” of tickets from the machine or a person for 12,00 for 10 tickets. It saves money more than buying individual tickets.


Monoprix and Franprix are the major supermarkets where you can get good deals on cheese and bread and wine. You can also buy pre-made crepes here which are actually pretty delicious. One thing that isn’t cheap in Paris I’ve noticed is gum and mints. I’m used to paying under $1 for either one and here they are 3-5 euro! Sheesh.

Store bought crepes with cheese of my choice

Free Stuff:

On nice days especially there are lots of streets where you will find boxes of clothes. I found a nice dress and suede boots for free! Yay. I think you are more likely to find these boxes on the outskirts of Paris.


We walked through the giant Louvre museum and saw the highlights. If I could do it again, I would have done it in 2 parts as the tickets are good all day. It’s so much to take in all at once. The Orsay museum houses famous Impressionist paintings which are a nice break from the Biblical and Realist works of the Louvre. You can take pictures in the Louvre without a flash, but you cannot take them in the Orsay at all.

Hall inside the Louvre

Bastille July 13th:

The night before Bastille Day (French Independence Day) Place de Bastille has a huge outdoor free concert. It is about 3 hours and has tons of artists, this year some of the big ones we knew were 50 cent and Black Eyed Peas.

Bastille July 14th:

Free fireworks around 10pm at the Eiffel Tower accompanied by music. Get there early to claim a seat on the Champ du Mars lawn.


Take the Paris metro to the Anvers stop to see the Sacre Cour and panorama view of Paris. Rue de Abesses has great eateries that are cheaper than places around Sacre Coure and more Parisian-like. We found some delicious Macarons at a boulangerie. Follow this road down to see the Moulin Rouge and then hop on the Metro stop there to get back to the city center.

Macarons! Soo good. About 0,80 each.

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