Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Germany Black Forest


Town: Todtmoos is a beautiful small German town situated very close to the Swiss border. We rented a car through hertz (cheapest) in Interlaken and drove to Todtmoos from there. We reserved our car online before we got to Europe. Having a car in the Black Forest makes a huge difference!

Accommodation: Haus Monika- A large house converted into small apartments. For 35,00 per night, we got a one bedroom apartment with kitchen and deck. Also included was a free bus card. Note prices are for the whole apartment, not per person!

Activities: Miniature Golf: For 3,00 per person we got to play on this 18 hole mini golf course with a diverse set of holes.

Food: There is a small grocery store/ liquor shop near the middle of the main street of Todtmoos. A big selection of black forest liquors and small gifts. They also have staples such as bread, cheese, milk, etc.

Bakery: There is an amazing home cooked bakery at the end of the main road of Todtmoos across the street from the park. We got a huge piece of black forest cake, mandarin cheesecake, and a chocolate croissant for 5,00. Good deal for delicious food!

Day Trip: Freiburg

Freiburg is the largest city around Todtmoos; about an hour drive away. An old town with old architecture and a large university are the highlights of this city, as well as it’s shopping.

Food: We ate at Brennessel, a local café/bar with large portions of delicious area food. We had the Au Gratin Potatoes and flat bread with cheese and olives. Reasonable prices and good house wine. They had two versions of the menu; one with four languages, including English.

Day Trip 2: Todtnau & Shulschsee (Lake)

Todtnau is about 30 minutes from Todtmoos and has a beautiful waterfall hike about 2.5 kilometers.

They also have the Hassenhorn which is a ski lift that takes you to the top of a steep mountain. Once to the top you can hike around on the trails and see stunning views of the black forest. When finished, take the coaster down. A one or two person car you drive down a track. 8,50 for the ski lift and coaster combination. For some reason the bells on the church rang for 10 minutes at 2:45….

Schulschee lake: About 30 minutes from Todtmoos is Lake Schulschee. A large warm lake where you can go swimming for free, or rent paddle boats, row boats, and electric boats for a nominal fee. Parking is less than 2,00 per hour in lots around the lake.

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