Tuesday, May 10, 2011




Gite d’etape Jaque (spelling? Belgian Hostel) Good price and fairly close to the city. Breakfast included and free internet access and sheets included as well, but no towels. They also have their own bar café with local eats and beers.


Floris Bar- Absinthe bar with a whole book (dictionary size) of absinthes to choose from. All were under 6,00. Cool bar with lots of interesting posters.

French Absinthe (left) Strawberry Absinthe (right)


Frites- There are fritteries scattered all over the city. The fries and mayonnaise here were far superior to the ones in Amsterdam. I have mayonnaise (in the states) but the mayo over there was so good and different! The curry ketchup is also delicious!

Waffles- Make sure to get a waffle, but know what traditional waffles really are. In Belgium, you traditionally grab a waffle to go from one of the many stands. It is just a plain waffle (pronounced vaffle) with nothing on it. They are sweet by themselves. Note that waffles with whip cream and strawberries are for the tourists! If you don’t want to stick out, and want a delicious traditional waffle, stick with the plain grab and go kind ;-)

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